Attock, or the "Foot of the Mountain” evokes the fine marbled stone at the beginning mountain curve. A grey-lavender background overwoven with raised heather criss-crossing patterns mirrors elegant knots of marbled stone and earth for a gentle, unique neutral. A slightly elastic weave means this linen will perfectly fit to your party and wedding tables with an elegant drape.




    Seated at the table of Pakistani master weavers with over a thousand years of linen crafting, F&S Linens draws from a history of richness and fine textiles to provide a unique, internationally-inspired event experience. F&S Linens offers lavish Eastern designs intentionally selected for the atmosphere of every Western event, from weddings to large-scale banquets, from Galas & Balls to corporate and office events. Unique in the linen rental business, they offer specialized fine linens with opulence, designs, and history unlike anywhere else. 

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