F&S Linens' is delighted to introduce our 2019-2020 collections, "Amethyst" and "Persian" 

Amethyst: Purple, the color of divinity, the chosen hue of centuries for queens and kings, a beloved favorite of springtime flowers—Our Amethyst Linens collect the finest purple dyes for the modern day royal and divine events. Ranging from well-beloved blossoms to finely carved gemstones, the Amethyst Collection contains the richest purples of the natural world. From spring-time galas, to birthday parties, to baby showers, to weddings, with your choice from the Amethyst Collection, the legacy richness of the color purple rests upon your tables.  



Persian: Drawing from the richness and history of the Persian empire at the height of the Safavieh ruling, our Persian Collection specializes in luxurious linens in brocades and precious metal hues. We found our inspiration in ancient cities embedded with centuries old palaces and mosques, archways and cupulas layered with ornate, artisan mosaics, and the gold and splendor of an ancient powerful empire. Our Persian collection collects these precious metal hues alongside delicate enamel backgrounds for a truly fine linen selection. Whether for the richly laid wedding  to fine dinners to lavish occasions, the essence of Persia has the stunning visual splendor you seek. 




Seated at the table of Pakistani master weavers with over a thousand years of linen crafting, F&S Linens draws from a history of richness and fine textiles to provide a unique, internationally-inspired event experience. F&S Linens offers lavish Eastern designs intentionally selected for the atmosphere of every Western event, from weddings to large-scale banquets, from Galas & Balls to corporate and office events. Unique in the linen rental business, they offer specialized fine linens with opulence, designs, and history unlike anywhere else. 

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