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Saba along with her younger brothers share a light-hearted moment at her wedding


About Us


Seated at the table of Pakistani master weavers with over a thousand years of linen crafting, F&S Linens draws from a history of richness and fine textiles to provide a unique, internationally-inspired event experience. F&S Linens offers lavish Eastern designs intentionally selected for the atmosphere of every Western event, from weddings to large-scale banquets, from Galas & Balls to corporate and office events. Unique in the linen rental business, they offer specialized fine linens with opulence, designs, and history unlike anywhere else. 



Why choose F&S Linens?


With a global network of manufacturers and impeccable cross-cultural taste, F&S Linens delivers international flavor to your tabletops from the finest retailers in the world. Every linen is hand-selected with a commitment to luxury, design, and quality.


As a small boutique and family-run business, F&S Linens also provides you with personalized care and customer-focused support for each event. Every step of the selection and delivery of fine linen to your tabletops is crafted by Faraz and Saba so you can fully appreciate a relaxed, enjoyable event experience. 


Faraz and Saba take pride in decorating your event with vibrancy, color, and joy. With an eye towards the future, F&S Linens will continue to craft linen collections and event services for memorable experiences blending the latest in tabletop and fashion decor with timeless historical quality and classics.

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